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In order to view our live online web conferences and live webcasts, you must have a minimum internet speed of 500kbps to view the live stream without being choppy.  You must also have Adobe Flash and Java plugins installed in your Internet Browser.  Without these items installed, you will not be able to view or hear anything.  In the event that you pass your computer test below and are still not able to view the live stream, we will upload the on-demand videos for later viewing.  There are no refunds for live events.  We simply cannot control internet or computer issues on your end.  We will do our best to make sure everything is in working order on our end.  Please note that sometimes we may start a webcast late.  Please be patient during this process as we will eventually get the webcast to stream.  If you should miss an event or we are late to stream an event, the on-demand videos will be posted and you will still have 30 days to view the video recordings.  Either way, you won’t miss a thing.  If you are not able to view the on-demand videos, there are no refunds.  You MUST make sure that you can past the computer test to at least view the on-demand videos.  Enjoy!
Take a Computer Test Below:  Be sure to test your computer with our 3 STEP computer compatibility tests below to determine if your computer is capable of viewing our online web conferences. Test your primary and any back up computer’s you will be using.
√ STEP 1: Can you see the audio bar below and play and hear this audio file smoothly?

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

√ STEP 2: Can you play, view and hear this pop-up video smoothly? Pop-ups must be enabled on your browser.

√ STEP 3: Click the computer icon that says TEST YOUR COMPUTER HERE to test your computer for taking WIU online classes and webinars. This quick computer test will automatically check your 1) operating system, 2) Internet browser, 3) cookie settings, 4) Javascript, 5) screen resolution and 6) pop-ups. All test results should be green. If they are not green, install the necessary updates and test again.
COMPUTER UPDATES: Install the latest Flash and Java plugins up-dates on your Internet browser if needed:
Go to www.adobe.com for the free Flash plugin and updates (most computers already have it).
Go to www.java.com for the free plugin and Java updates (most computers already have it).
REQUIRED INTERNET BROWSER: The required Internet browser for WIU courses is Mozilla Firefox and is the most compatible browser with the WIU school system. Other Internet browsers may be used such as Internet Explorer, Safari and Google Chrome but some features on our school system may or may not work properly. As a compensation, it is recommended to use more than one Internet browser if needed and to have a second computer to use as a backup if your primary computer should become inoperable anytime during the class.
Compatible Web Browsers
To download and install Firefox for free, go to www.mozilla.com. Firefox is compatible with both PC and Mac computers.
Do a quick Internet Speedtest on your computer: Go to www.speakeasy.net/speedtest
REQUIRED INTERNET SPEED: Your Internet download speed should be a minimum of 500 kbps to watch videos and listen to audios without choppy interruptions. Be sure to have all other programs closed when using media on our schools site to ensure your computers best multimedia performance.
BACKUP COMPUTER: We recommend that you have access to a second computer as a back up in the event your computer is inoperable during your course for whatever reason. As a good soldier, we want you to be prepared for any computer malfunctions that could arise that would prevent you from finishing your course. WIU does not issue refunds after the first day of class or if a student logs in to their class before the first day and is exposed to the classroom content. No exceptions. All students are responsible to make sure their computers meet the minimum requirements and is in good working condition in order to take our online classes.
IDEAS FOR SECOND COMPUTERS: Some ideas for having access to a back up computer is to use your local library’s computer, a friend or family members computer, work computers, public hotel computers, school computers, airport computers, etc. If your Internet connection becomes problematic, many local coffee shops, such as Starbucks, or fast food restaurants provide free Internet access for the public to use. Cell phones with Internet access can also be used for back up purposes but is not recommended to use as your main Internet connection for your course. Be sure to perform the above computer tests on any additional computers you may use during your course.

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