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Please note that W.I.N apostolic covenant network and ministry affiliation department is being established and has not yet been fully launched.  However, we are accepting applications from interested students and potential licensees.  This application is for those “interested” in a covenant relationship and/or “ministry licensing” or “ministry ordination” under the spiritual and apostolic alignment of Apostle’s Rob and Reeni Mederos and Warriors International, Inc.  This does not include your IRS 501(c)3 tax exempt covering.  Each approved covenant alignment relationship and/or licensee is responsible for their own tax exemption with the IRS. We at Warriors International, Inc. believe in covenant relationship with those that are seeking apostolic alignment with Warriors International, Inc.

LEVELS OF RELATIONSHIP:  Each applicant should prayerfully consider the level of desired relationship through committing to regular monthly giving, depending upon what level of relationship you desire to honor with your giving.  The greater the relationship, the greater the honor in financial giving should be considered.  If  you are seeking Warriors International, Inc. as your main apostolic alignment for ministry ordination and covenant relationship, you should prayerfully consider giving and honoring with a regular monthly 10% tithe of your income.  If you are seeking a partial apostolic alignment for ministry licensing and covenant relationship with Warriors International, Inc., you should prayerfully consider giving and honoring a regular partial tithe of at least 5% of your income. At the very minimum, we ask for a monthly $50 financial commitment as a gift of honor as a ministry network affiliate and basic level of covenant relationship. It is encouraged to have other apostolic alignment relationships but you should prayerfully consider where your main apostolic alignment should be.  We would be honored at whatever level you choose.  The higher the level, the higher the relational privilege.  Each affiliate will be apart of our online community and partake of any local events on a greater level than attendees.  We also offer opportunities of impartation through various levels of serving from intercession to ministry team members.   We are committed to your spiritual enhancement and protection.

INSTRUCTIONS:  Fill out the following online application below if you are interested in receiving ministry licensing under the spiritual and apostolic alignment  and ministry network affiliation of Warriors International, Inc. Prerequisites will include completing and submitting the W.I.N. online application below, completing our three levels of WIU prophetic training (Bootcamp, Advanced & Extreme) and committing to regular monthly giving to Warriors International, Inc. as stated above as your chosen apostolic spiritual alignment level for you and your ministry.

All applications submitted are subject to review, prayer and the leading of the Holy Spirit for consideration by Prophet Reeni Mederos, Apostle Rob Mederos, Warriors International Inc. Board of Trustees and intercession department. Submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance, but rather informs us that you are interested in W.I.N. a covenant relationship in apostolic alignment with our network when we are fully launched and also helps us to get to know you better as we review your information and as you are completing your WIU courses. Warriors International will consider ministry licensing acceptance through prayerful consideration and will select those candidates that are most compatible with Warriors International, Inc. in building the Kingdom of God together and not for building selfish gain ministries or selfish ambitions, but who are committed to building the kingdom of God as a servant in your own ministry and as a network affiliate with Warriors International, Inc. When our network has been fully launched, we will be looking for serious, passionate and teachable warriors of God who posses a genuine call of God on their lives and who have a sold out heart for God and His people, who are dedicated and determined to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ with integrity and righteousness, to bring Him glory and not for personal glory and who are willing to be accountable to the Lord Jesus Christ through a credible apostolic and prophetic ministry to receive not only edification, exhortation, comfort, confirmation but to also be humble and teachable in receiving and taking heed to admonition, correction, divine wisdom.

REQUIRED ONLINE TRAINING: Completing the 3 Levels of WIU prophetic training helps us to get to know you over a period of time. Providing covenant relationship, ministry affiliation and accountability for candidates is based on relationship, relationship, relationship that is spiritually healthy, mutually respectful, honoring in finances and in servanthood, based on the love of Christ and for long term kingdom purposes. We’d like to get to know you and we want you to get to know us!

APPLICATION FEE: $25 (non-refundable) Application Fee

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