$65 Dethroning Jezebel 8 Audio CD Set



NEW! From the School of Elijah Fire Event, Prophet Reeni prophetically trains you through this POWERFUL in-depth revelatory study on “Dethroning Jezebel,” revealing the characteristics of witchcraft inside and outside the church and how to overcome it through the Fire of Elijah and Jehu Anointing.   Eight areas of this MUST HAVE and absolutely necessary training include:

1) The Fire of Elijah

2) The Characteristics of Jezebel

3) The Wilderness of Fear

4) The Lies of Jezebel & The Ahab Anointing

5) The Jehu Anointing

6) The Miracles of Elijah


WITH 2 BONUS CD’S:  Personal Group Mentoring and Q & A Session with Prophet Reeni Mederos


Dethrone Jezebel! Overcome Witchcraft! Flow in the Jehu Anointing! Break Free from Fear of Man! Flow in Elijah’s Supernatural Fire!

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Prophet Reeni Mederos

Prophet & Psalmist, Reeni Mederos, is an anointed and seasoned apostolic prophet with a pioneering tenacity and a fiery prophetic psalmist anointing that releases a passionate love for Christ in her spontaneous worship over cities, regions and nations piercing individual lives as her mission is “dedicated to raising up a new breed of warriors for the new millennium.”

Founder of Warriors International, Inc., and Warriors International University Online School of Prophets, Reeni has been activating the Body of Christ into God’s supernatural anointing for over 20 years with her online schools and on-location activation encounters, helping others to discover and fulfill their God given destiny. With a down to earth prophetic mentoring style that is easily received.

Reeni’s ability as a prophet to draw out the gifts and callings within a person are done with pinpointed activation strategy and divine wisdom. As she draws out the inner potential of a person’s calling and hidden inner treasures with keen prophetic insight into the heart and anointed instruction, many discover the reality of their God given destiny on accelerated levels in a very short period of time, resulting in a life that is transformed and equipped to do mighty exploits in God.


“DETHRONING JEZEBEL” – School of Elijah Fire was the most POWERFUL conference I had ever attended.  I have had some teachings on Jezebel before, but nothing like I received at the conference. The teaching was straight out of the Bible. I learned so much, but most importantly it was taught in a way that I knew how to apply it to my life. The teaching was not only about Jezebel, but Elijah, Ahab and Jehu. There are some very specific keys that God put in the Bible for us to learn from, and these were brought out. I LOVED how Prophet Reeni delivered the whole conference and the deliverance and healing that took place in everyone’s life that attended.

Even though I have received deliverance before, during this conference I was able to receive more deliverance in my personal life. I am so GRATEFUL for this conference, and would HIGHLY recommend it to everyone!!! I purchased the CD’s from the conference, because it was so enlightening. I had continued to listen to them for 10 months, and every time that I did, I continually learn something new.  It brought so much confirmation to me, and how to grow in my everyday walk with the Lord. It explained to me a lot of what I had been going through. It has continued to help me over throw Jezebel. I will NEVER be the same after this conference. Everyone will have to deal with Jezebel, and this teaching will teach you what you need to know so that you can DETHRONE Jezebel in your life, and those around you!!! Sherry Deviney ~ Amarillo, Texas  

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