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6 Weeks of Intensive Prophetic Perception & Activation Training That Will Transform Your Life In The Way You See The Unseen Realm!  A Must Have For Anyone Who Desires To Be More Discerning In The Spirit Realm & Exercise Their Spiritual Muscles!  Be Challenged Out of Your Comfort Zone  as You Delve Into the Supernatural Realm with Proficiency!

Tuition:  Individual Registration $149.00, Married Couples Registration $249.00

Registrations Now Open for Early Fall 2016 Class Term

First Day of Class Begins Tuesday, September 20th, 2016

Late  Registration Closes

September 27th, 2016 @ 11:59pm EST


Limited Online Seating! Register Today to Reserve Your Online Seat!


HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!  Warrior’s International ONLINE School of Prophet’s Prophetic Perception 6 Week Training Modules are a unique supernatural encounter and personal prophetic mentoring opportunity that will completely transform your life inside and out using your PC or Mac computer and a high-speed Internet connection right from the comfort of your own home, office or Wi-Fi laptop on the go.  Delve into one of 3 levels of classes that are truly unique 6-week prophetic perception & prophetic accuracy  training courses with other students from all over the world.  Engage in prophetic precision training that is accelerated and practical with proven results from continual and progressive hands-on prophetic activation exercises throughout the course that challenges your spiritual muscles to be stretched beyond your limits, SUPERNATURALLY!  

WIU Online School of Prophet’s runs for six consecutive weeks of intensive prophetic perception training AND personal prophetic mentoring. Registration now open for Early Fall 2016 Class Term. First day of class begins Tuesday, September 20th, 2016. Late Registration Closes to September 27th, 2015 @ 11:59pm EST.  Last day of class is November 1st, 2016.

“Each WIU Prophetic Precision Training Module (Level 1, 2, and 3) is unique in its own way within a highly interactive virtual classroom and intense prophetic training format with students from all over the world. Experience personal prophetic mentoring, sound biblical teaching, spiritual gifts training and hands-on prophetic activation exercises that is fun and challenging designed to accelerate your spiritual aptitude by giving you lots of practice, practice, practice all within a safe online prophetic equipping environment to thrust you into your God given destiny! Get ready to be s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d!”
Self-paced Bootcamp training with in depth prophetic teaching and character training on the prophetic office and anointings. Fun and challenging hands-on prophetic activations that are highly interactive with students from all over the world producing maximum prophetic precision accuracy and confidence through continual practice, practice, practice!
Pre-requisite: Must be a born again Christian
Self-paced Advanced prophetic training that is cutting edge for hardcore character training into the journey of the heart with continuous hands-on prophetic activations for advanced spiritual aptitude development in godly character as well as a concentration in various Prophetic Evangelism encounters. Highly interactive with students world wide.
Pre-requisite: Must successfully complete Level 1 Bootcamp
Self-paced Extreme training challenging your limits in vigorous prophetic & spiritual aptitude development beyond Bootcamp & Advanced levels along with prophetic history, street evangelism, the supernatural and a closer personal prophetic mentoring experience thru optional “live” webinars! Highly interactive with students world wide!
Pre-requisite: Must successfully complete Level 2 Advanced.

Graduate with a W.I.U. Certificate of Completion!

PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE! Each W.I.U. School of Prophet’s Prophetic Precision Training Course is highly interactive with students from all over the world that is specifically designed to thrust you into higher realms of prophetic perception in hearing God’s voice with various spiritual aptitude development experiences demonstrating the supernatural power of God in your life and in your particular area of gifting and calling that is unique to you.  Learn to excel with prophetic fluidity and accuracy that is anchored in sound Biblical teaching and grounded in the Word of God as you witness God’s power and freedom “come alive” from deep within the womb of God’s Prophetic Matrix as the Holy Spirit cultivates your gifts from the inside out in a safe and fun ONLINE learning experience while interacting with other students of like minds and hearts.
CLARITY! ACCURACY! PRECISION! No matter what God has called you to, you “MUST HEAR” the voice of God and “SEE THE UNSEEN” realm with clarity, accuracy and precision to be successful in combating in spiritual warfare and to also fulfill God’s destiny upon your life.  Flowing in the supernatural “UNSEEN” realm with a “prophetic precision anointing” is achieved through proper prophetic teaching and spiritual aptitude training in a safe environment while providing ample opportunity for you to practice, practice, practice!  Experience various hands-on prophetic activation exercises within the online class format that is cutting edge technology as thousands of students who have previously taken these courses testify of the proven personal results of being accelerated into new heights within their destiny and calling from God.
CHARACTER TRAINING EMPHASIZED! Not only is it important to operate well in a particular area of gifting, but ALL Warriors International University Online School of Prophet’s courses are embedded with a character training emphasis to produce a well-rounded prophetic training experience.  Emphasizing the necessary elements of Godly character through personal humility, accountability, purity, integrity, honesty of heart and faithfulness in loyal worship to our King, students come away with a much deeper sense of purpose and life long pursuit of a close and intimate a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ that is anchored in the heart and soul of each student for long-term ministry success.


Continual hands-on prophetic perception activation exercises in extreme levels of prophetic proficiency & accuracy accomplishing your maximum spiritual aptitude development
Accelerated 6 weeks of intensified prophetic precision training & personal mentoring & instruction with Prophet Reeni Mederos who has over 20 years of prophetic training & mentoring experience
For beginners, intermediate, advanced & extreme level prophetic aptitudes! No matter what level you begin with, you are sure to increase your spiritual perception and discernment skills on a much higher level.
Receive necessary character training and practice proper prophetic protocols in class and on the ministry field in prophetic street evangelism
Interact with other students world wide in a fun, safe and protected online experience with an appointed WIU moderator in a nurturing environment that produces growth and confidence
Optimal prophetic activation exercises in properly delivering prophetic words, visions, dream interpretations, prophetic evangelism & flowing in the unseen and supernatural realm as a way of life and not just in class.
Renew and build confidence in hearing the voice of God and “seeing the unseen” with pin pointed accuracy for everyday life situations and important major life decisions.
Solid biblical teaching, scriptural grounding and cutting edge online virtual training technology with seasoned and proven experience
Continuous, interactive, creative and challenging prophetic activation exercises purposed and guaranteed to produce accelerated prophetic growth for the serious warrior
Study do’s and don’ts of prophetic ministry, prophetic history, various prophetic movements, forefathers, where it all began and how you fit in the big picture of God’s plan.  Journey into a new discovery of God’s heart and destiny for your life as God equips you to be apart of His end time prophetic army!
Receive a downloadable digital copy of your W.I.U. Certificate of Completion for each completed course of our WIU Online School of Prophet’s Class Level’s 1, 2 and 3.
Receive a downloadable digital text copy of all your classwork, dreams & visions, prophetic words given and received, evangelism assignments and interactive student replies for the entire 6 weeks, an invaluable keepsake not offered anywhere else.


SIX (6) Consecutive Weeks of Intensified Online Prophetic Perception Training & School of Prophets. Learn to discern and hear the voice of God and “see into the unseen realm”  with precision and clarity and operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit with wisdom, integrity and accuracy. Nine lessons of Biblical audio teachings, optional activation video’s and practical insights with continual prophetic activation assignments of various kinds and levels that is done at your own pace at any time of the day and from any time zone that is progressive and designed to challenge your prophetic and spiritual aptitude. With hands-on practice, do’s and don’ts of prophetic ministry (also called prophetic protocol), each lesson builds with momentum, anointing and intensity.  Learn the good side about the responsibility of operating in your prophetic gifting as well as the prophetic pitfalls to avoid all within in a safe prophetic environment with personal prophetic mentoring under the direct supervision and apostolic oversight from Prophet Reeni Mederos, founder of W.I.U. .
Each course level is progressive and includes challenging prophetic activation exercises of its own in many areas including visions, dreams, prophetic street evangelism and more. Class participation is a MUST for maximum growth with plenty of opportunities for discussion and class interaction. Class concentrations will be on the nature of prophecy, dreams, visions, character building as well as identifying character issues, integrity, prophetic street evangelism, prophetic song, safety practices in prophetic ministry, the various levels of the prophetic anointing from basic prophesying all the way up to the office of the Prophet and the process of prophets in training (P.I.T.’s). These classes are for all levels of prophetic experience from beginner to advanced to extreme and everything in between. The audio’s and video’s are pre-recorded and can be viewed 24/7, anytime access, at your leisure and in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Most of the online participation will be practicing with the other online students as well as taking it to the streets for the final climax of these courses that is proven to seal your training experience with the power of the Holy Spirit as you take the prophetic to the streets. Former students testify that this course is truly a unique prophetic experience unlike any other.  Join the revolution of Warriors International School of Prophets & Prophetic Activation Training!

Personal Prophetic Mentoring with Prophet Reeni Mederos

Personal Mentoring and Coaching by Prophet Reeni Mederos: Each WIU Online School of Prophet’s prophetic training classes are an excellent opportunity to be mentored and spiritually coached by Prophet Reeni Mederos and appointed moderators for a full 6 weeks where you will gain increased wisdom, insight and the do’s and don’ts of prophetic ministry as Prophet Reeni takes you under her wings in a safe e-learning environment. Classes require a strong commitment of participation for the entire 6 weeks and those that participate online or on-location classes must satisfactorily complete all assignments in order to receive a WIU issued Certificate of Completion.

WIU Refund Policy

WIU No Refund Policy Disclosure: Because of WIU’s digital copyrights, please be advised that there are no refunds on or after the first day of class “or” if a paid student logs into the virtual classroom and is exposed to the course content before class starts. No exceptions.  WIU is not responsible for any computer problems outside of its control that would prevent a student from completing their course.  Very important!  Make sure your computers and Internet connection are compatible and have been tested before registering for this class.   Perform our easy three step computer test now to test your computer.   It is also recommended to have access to a second or back-up computer in the event of computer issues arising during your course.  WIU ensures the proper functioning of its virtual classroom websites for those who have tested their computers, installed all the required updates, plugins and web browsers and who have access to more than one computer for troubleshooting computer issues.  It is also recommended to use more than one Internet browser during the course keeping in mind that browser functionality differs from browser to browser.  The most compatible Internet browser for WIU courses is Mozilla Firefox, however other browsers may be used as well and is recommended to use more than one if needed.  WIU has been tested on the following Internet browsers but is most compatible with Firefox.  (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, Google Chrome)
Note:  WIU will issue a full refund to paid students who have registered for a class who feel they need to withdraw from their class for any reason only BEFORE the first day of their class term and who have not logged into to their virtual classroom being exposed to course content.  Withdrawal requests MUST be submitted to WIU by E-mail that is dated BEFORE the first day of the class term.  A $25 administration fee will be deducted from your refund for holding your online seat which could have been assigned to another student.  An email request to withdraw must be sent to the WIU office and be dated BEFORE the first day of class to be eligible for refunds.  Refunds are only issued in the same manner in which they were paid.
Assignment Deadlines & Re-Registering:  WIU is not responsible for life events or unforeseen circumstances that students may encounter to cause them to not finish their course work. If a student needs to withdraw during anytime of his or her course, the student will have to re-register for the next course offering at the current tuition price at that time. Students cannot use or carry over their tuition for future classes if they withdraw or are unable to finish their course. Late assignments are also not accepted. Please be sure to print out and view your course schedule daily to avoid last minute and late work submissions. Once a lesson deadline has been established, students who have not completed their lesson by the lesson deadline will be locked out of the class automatically by the school system. Although WIU is forgiving, the computer system for the course is not. Deadline dates are put into place and purposed to help students stay on track with their course work and helps them to graduate. Please be sure to complete all lessons and allow moderators ample time to check your work before each lesson deadline. Students who turn in last minute work will chance missing the lesson deadline if moderators are not able to check their work before the lesson deadline. WIU is not responsible for last minute and late assignments turned in by students. WIU reserves the right to refuse late work that moderators are not able to check due to students not submitting their work before any given lesson deadline or if a student becomes insubordinate during a class. There are no refunds for students who are locked out of the class. Students will be required to re-register at the next course offering at the full tuition cost of that term.

Note: Having trouble registering online? CLICK HERE!

24/7 Virtual Classroom Access

24/7 Access:  You will be able to access your lessons any time of the day or night. This is a very convenient online learning format for students living in any time zone as students have come from all over the world that take these classes within the comfort of their own homes and their own countries. There are nine lessons with on demand teaching audio’s and prophetic activation video’s in Flash format for visual reinforcement that is viewable any time of the day as long as a particular lesson has not closed. Since the audio’s and videos are pre-recorded, you will be able to do the course 24/7, anytime access, at your leisure as long as your assignments are completed within before each lesson deadline. The first lesson begins to close after the first 10 days of class and each lesson will begin to close on every Tuesday and Friday thereafter until the course is complete. Lesson deadlines are implemented to help students to stay on track with their lessons. Late assignments and lesson extensions are not be permitted since the computer system of the online classroom is specifically timed to run a full 6 week course. All lessons are open from the first day of class but in order to progress to the next lesson, each previous lesson must be completed and checked by moderators before the system opens up the next lesson for you.
Login Access: You will be contacted the on the class start date by email with login instructions to your virtual class room. After payment is received, each student will establish their own unique username and password to the protected sight area along with a class schedule and several video tutorials instruction you how to use the site. Regular emails will be sent by the administrator for various class room updates and important information. Please be sure to always check your spam bin for our emails.

Optional Conference Calls and Graduation Webinars

Every class level will have the opportunity to attend “optional” group conference calls with Prophetic Reeni Mederos for a time of personal and “live” prophetic mentoring, questions and answers and class interaction for “extra” learning during their course along with a scheduled graduation webinar for all WIU graduates who successfully complete their course. Conference calls are not scheduled every course term, but when they are, students are encouraged to attend them. If a conference call or live webinar is missed, recordings will be provided for students to access soon after the completion of any online group gathering.

Student Character & Integrity Training

Privacy of Identity Policy: WIU Online Prophetic Training Classes are formatted in such a way that the student’s identities are hidden for prophetic activation and student identity privacy purposes. Student’s not following class protocols or creating disturbance with the other students will be permanently banned from the class without a refund. Please be advised these classes are for those that are serious about their walk with Christ and desire to excel in character training, integrity and accountability as well as in the usage and precision training of the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit. We ask all students to keep their identities private throughout the course and the promotion of personal ministries, emails, phone numbers, Facebook, MySpace, web sites and the like will not be permitted. Each student will only be known by their chosen warrior name which is established at the time of registration.

Student Evaluation

Student Evaluation: There is no letter grade for the completion of any of our WIU prophetic training courses. Student evaluation and the awarding of any “WIU Certification of Completion” (delivered electronically through the school format as a frame-able graphic E-Certificate at successful completion of the course) will be based upon 40% character, 20% prophetic accountability, 20% prophetic ability and 20% prophetic participation that is determined by course moderators and administrators. All areas must grow together. As you can see, there is a heavy emphasis upon character training and in many ministry situations character is more important than how great one can minister the Word of the Lord through prophecy, teaching, preaching, deliverance, counseling, singing, etc. as well as other various forms of the manifestations of the prophetic anointing. Prophet Reeni’s heart is to raise up new millennium Warrior’s that are well rounded and equipped for every day real life situations.

Computer Requirements

You should have basic computer skills to successfully complete WIU courses. It is also recommended to have a backup or second computer for your course in the event your computer has issues arising during the course that is outside of our control. You are responsible to make sure you have a good operating computer for your course. Most Internet browsers are compatible but Mozilla Firefox is the best to use for this class and strongly recommended. High Speed internet connection is recommended such as DSL or Cable internet (or better) with a minimum bandwidth speed of 300 kbps. Test your Internet speed with a free speed test at www.speakeasy.net/speedtest. You should have the Adobe Flash Player plug-in installed and updated on your computer regularly. Go to www.adobe.com for a free updates. Media players such as Windows Media Player or QuickTime will be needed. Using 56K Dial-up is usable and can work but your previews of audio’s and videos will be slower and can cause delays for assignment deadlines. We are not responsible for slow internet connections. You must also have the latest version of Java plug-in updates on your computer. Free updates can be obtained at www.java.com . Another alternative is to take the course using a computer at your local public library or if your computer becomes inoperable in the middle of the course. Check and test your local library’s computers for compatibility. Make sure you own or have access to headphones for library usage and check your local public library for computer time restrictions and computer limitations. All computers, whether owned or borrowed, should have all the necessary updates before the first day of class. Please see our SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS page for more computer requirement details including information for using optional webcams and microphone headsets.
Important Note: Please be sure to read our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS page along with our refund policy details before registering for a course.


Duration of each online course is 6 weeks of intensive prophetic perception &  precision training with on-demand teaching audio’s, activation videos and continuous hands-on prophetic activation exercises that is highly interactive with students from all over the world.  A W.I.U. Certificate of Completion will be issued electronically to each student that successfully completes his or her course



Prophet Reeni Mederos is an anointed and seasoned apostolic prophet & prophetic psalmist with a pioneering tenacity and a fiery prophetic psalmist anointing that releases a passionate love for Christ in her spontaneous worship over cities, regions and nations, piercing individual lives as her mission is “dedicated to raising up a new breed of warriors for the new millennium.” Primary Founder and Visionary of Warriors International, Inc. and Warriors International University Online School of Prophets, Reeni has been activating the Body of Christ into God’s supernatural anointing for over 20 years with her online schools and on-location activation encounters, helping others to discover and fulfill their God given destiny. With a down to earth prophetic mentoring style that is easily received, Reeni’s ability as a prophet to bring healing to the heart, to draw out the gifts and callings within a person, and to raise confidence levels, are done with pinpointed activation strategy and divine wisdom. As she draws out the inner potential of a person’s calling and hidden inner treasures with keen prophetic insight into the heart and anointed instruction, many discover the reality of their God given destiny on accelerated levels in a very short period of time, resulting in a life that is transformed and equipped to do mighty exploits in God.     READ MORE

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