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What Graduating Students Are Saying About WIU Classes…

I loved this angels course, it gave me so many confirmations of things that have happened in my life through the years. I especially love the teaching format. Angels are a big part of our lives and this just made them that much stronger in my life. They really are with us each and everyday and we just need to be aware of their presence. God loves us so much that he knows we need helpers on this earth. I feel stronger in my spiritual walk and more confident in the angels around me since taking the class. So glad i did. It moved me into the next level of understanding and I don’t take that lightly, it keeps me humble. God is so good to us when we call upon Him for help and His angels protect us each and every day along with our children also. They need this special protection so much now a days. Love you God for what you have done in my life. Angels come and lets go do it together with Gods love. No enemy formed against me prospers, they fall to the ground, amen, amen love you God, Thanks!  ~ Shelly B. from Calgary, Alberta – Canada
My evaluation of this course was intriguing. I never did an online class, I did okay. I am one for hands-on classes. It was very interesting with a lot of the topics that we learned. It was interesting to see how the angels were used and appeared in the O.T.  and N.T.  Also to learn where and when the angels came about and their strength. And to learn the different kinds and levels of angels and to learn that the angel of the Lord can be God himself. To know that they love to worship with us and that where created to do that as well as us. Also to learn that Satan doesn’t look like how everyone has said he was. I have highlighted a lot of areas that were taught for me to go back to and revamp what was spoken about angels. Reeni’s worship application was wonderful. ~ Penny B. from Leland, NC – USA
Thank you so very much for the thorough and Scriptural lesson on angels, the worship, and insight into the prophetic and purposes of the angels and us. This is a valuable class that all Christ believers would benefit from.  ~ Romona J. from Perryville, AZ – USA
Taking this class was a very great decision I made. The weekly teachings by Prophetess Reeni through the scripture gives you in-depth knowledge about good and bad angels, their relationship with God (good angels), their Love for God through worship and obedience (good angels), and their service from God to men (good angels). I have really learned a lot and recommend every child of God to take this class. Thank you Prophetess Reeni. ~ Prince K. from  Kumasi,  Ashanti Region – Ghana
Prophet Reeni Mederos has put together a phenomenal course on the Ministry of Angels! I can hardly imagine the amount of time and effort spent to study and gather all the information that she has passed on to us. Just amazing! It has served as a reinforcement of all that I already knew about angels and then opened my mind and heart to so much more that I did not understand or see as I read the bible. It sharpens the spiritual senses and reawakens a deep desire to be closer and closer to God and His beautiful angelic beings. Just amazing! Thank you!!!! ~ Nancy D. from Dorchester, Ontario – Canada
I learned so much more than I expected in the Online Angels course. Prior to taking this course I didn’t think much about angels aside from their mention in the Bible. Now I am much more aware of their purpose and activity in the present day and in the new world to come. Now I have officially completed every course offered through Prophet Reeni’s school. I am so thankful to God for leading me to the school and forever grateful to Prophet Reeni and staff for helping me gain more understanding about the Kingdom of God. “In all your getting, get understanding” :-) HUGS ~ Breena J. from Bowie, MD – USA

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