OPTIMIZE YOUR COMPUTER: Even if you are a beginner, making sure your computer is updated and your computer settings are right for this class website is a must. Please take the time to make the necessary adjustments to your computer for maximum performance while using this website should you incur any problems along the way. Please try these troubleshooting tips before contacting Warrior’s International University. You should have done the necessary updates for your computer before registering for your class. We cannot be responsible for computer issues outside of our control or if you lack the necessary basic skills to use your computer. We make the best effort to structure the site to be as user friendly as possible for the average computer user but it is your responsibility to educate yourself to do basic computer stuff. We can help you to navigate the site and give you tips to keep your computer optimized through the provided instructions, but you are responsible to make sure that your computer is capable of taking this class. There are no refunds.
Website Tutorial: We have provided some Flash video tutorials for you to help you navigate the school site. All the tutorials should be watched before you begin your course. To view the WIU Tutorials, go to the TUTORIALS link at the top of the school sites link bar.
For Married Couples: When you enter the site to do your assignments, be sure to “log out” each time and allow your spouse to “log in” on his or her separate student account. This will ensure the proper posting of assignments under your name. Alternatively, you can use two separate Internet browsers or two separate computers, one for each of you throughout the course.
Internet Browsers: When using different Internet browsers to surf the web, think of it as wearing a pair of eye glasses for the Internet for viewing and browsing content and just being able to see a website. You want to have the best eye glasses to be able to see. So the most compatible Internet browser with the W.I.U. website (or the best eye glasses to use and see this site) is going to be Mozilla Firefox for PC or for Mac computers and is available as a free download at their website. Other browsers do work such as Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape and Safari, but Mozilla Firefox is the most compatible and is strongly recommended. If one of your Internet browsers doesn’t work, try a second one. Both PC and Mac user’s are able to use this site with the necessary computer setting adjustments to allow the interactive features such as Flash and Javascript. Note: Some issues have been known with Internet Explorer 8, especially with new update releases. Try uninstalling Internet Explorer 8 and reinstalling Internet Explorer 7 if you incur any issues preventing you from using the fullness of the school website. However, Mozilla Firefox tends to be the most compatible Internet Browser and is available for a free download for both PC’s and Mac’s, but all computers are different. Use what works best for you.
Firewalls: Sometimes firewalls can prevent you being able to log into the school website if you have the settings to tight. Be sure to lower or turn off your firewall settings, especially if you are taking the class from your company or business location. If you are a PC user, go to the Microsoft website for trouble shooting about Firewalls or contact your IT department. If you are a Mac user, go to the Apple website for trouble shooting or finding out how to reset your firewall settings for your operating system.
Company Firewall Securities: Some students do take these courses from their employers computers, however, please be aware that many companies can have tighter Internet and firewall securities and can prevent you from entering the school site. These issues are completely out of our control. Check with your employers IT department for troubleshooting.
Optional “Live” Webinars & Webcasts: Students will have the opportunity to participate in “optional” “live” webinar’s and “live” webcasts during the course when offered.  An email will be sent to students when “live” events are offered.  Be sure to perform a computer test and an Internet speed test for compatibility before attending a “live” online event. Optionally, you can use a webcam and headset/microphone within a “live” webinar format to interact with the class, but is not mandatory to have these items. Everyone will have the minimum capacity to view the webinar, hear the audio and communicate through text chatting regardless if you connect a webcam and microphone/headset or not. To test your computer equipment, go to
Graduation Webinars are free of charge to participate “live” but is reserved for students who successfully complete their course and graduate from their class. All other students who did not graduate or graduates who miss the live session who want to view the recording, can do so for a $5.00 pay-per-view fee immediately after the webinar is completed. An invitation will be sent to all students after the completion of the Graduation Webinar.
Computer Updates for Audio/Video: If you have any problems hearing the school site teaching audios and can’t view the activation videos or find that the interactive tools are not working for you, try these simple computer setting adjustments. These items were already mentioned on school site before you signed up for this class, however we have provided detailed instructions below for your convenience:
1. Close out any programs going on in the background of your computer…such as anti-virus software or any other application that takes up a lot of computer resources. When finished with your lesson, turn your anti-virus software back on if you have one installed. For best performance, it is best to disable your anti-virus software every time you log in to the school site only if you are having viewing problems of audio/video.
2. Make sure your Internet browser settings is set to “allow cookies.” To do this, you will need to set your cookie settings to “low.” If you are using Internet Explorer as your web browser, go to TOOLS, then INTERNET OPTIONS, then PRIVACY. Set your cookie settings to “low” or add and to your accepted list of allowed domains. If your cookie settings are too high, you may not be able to get the full usage of the school website and can prevent you from being able to log in.
3. Update your Adobe Flash Player plug-in on your computer on a regular basis to view Flash videos on this site by downloading and installing the latest Adobe Flash Player updates for your operating system at This update is always free.
4. Update your Java plugins on your computer by downloading and installing the latest Java updates for your computer operating system at This update is always free. Please note: You will also need to “enable” your javascript plugin within your Internet browsers settings. You can find some tips on how to do this at and just do a search on “how to enable javascript.”
5. For the Free Quicktime Player, go to to download, install or update your computer (Mac or PC) to be able to access Quicktime audios or videos that may be on this site.
You should have had these updates already installed before the first day of class. Be sure that you are using a computer that is capable of taking this course with a high speed DSL or Cable Internet connection. It is possible to use a dial-up or satellite connection but the usage of this site will be slower, choppy or maybe even non-viewable. W.I.U. is not responsible for any computer issues. Please be sure you have a good working computer throughout the class. In addition, you should have a second computer to fall back on just in case your first one prevents you from accessing the class site or if your computer becomes inoperable during the course. As previously disclosed, on or after the first day of class, there are no refunds.
Video Player Issues: Choppy videos
DO A COMPUTER/INTERNET SPEED TEST: If a video doesn’t play continuously, make sure all programs are closed out on your computer or it may be due to your Internet connection speed. You’ll need a broadband connection with at least 500+ Kbps for the best viewing experience. Try a speed test for your Internet connection at and you might need to consider calling you Internet Service Provider to make sure your Internet connection is at optimum performance.
It’s also possible that your video download speed is slow or inconsistent. In this case, you can try pausing the video until the entire stream is downloaded and then playing the video. Occasionally, an incomplete copy of a video can get stuck in your cache and never fully download. You can re-attempt the download by clearing your browser’s cache. You’ll find more detailed steps on how to do this listed below.
You can also view this website for a few more tips on how to improve slow video buffering at
Troubleshooting: Clearing cache and cookies
If you’re experiencing issues on our site, you may be able to resolve the matter by clearing your cache and cookies. You may also need to try the second process below: enabling browser cookies. Here are steps to clear the browser cache and cookies and enable cookies in the most common browsers.
Clearing browser cache video:
Here is a simplified written format of clearing out your internet browser cookies, cache & temporary internet files for optimum performance:
Internet Explorer
* Select Tools * Select Internet Options * Select Temporary Internet Files * Select Delete Cookies * Select Delete Files
* Select Tools * Select Options * Select Privacy * Select Clear for Cookies and Cache
Delete Cookies
* Select Tools * Select Cookie Manager * Select Manage Stored Cookies * Select Click Remove All Cookies
Clear Cache
* Select Edit * Select Preferences * Select Advanced * Select Cache * Select Clear Cache
(Please note: while clearing your cookies may resolve the problem, it will also remove your saved settings for sites you’ve previously visited.)
You can also view these helpful sites for computer technical stuff:
Last but not least, we have provided a Frequently Asked Questions page on our main website at:

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